Lake Charles Mechanical General Contracting

Lake Charles Electric NECA Member

State Licensed Contractor, Bonded, Insured.
We formed Lake Charles Mechanical in 1999 as an enhancement to Lake Charles Electric to serve General Contracting needs. The services we can perform cover everything from general maintenance to elaborate corporate-wide renovations. In addition, we can support various new construction projects and provide maintenance work for all of your general contracting needs.

Lake Charles Mechanical is a state licensed general contractor. We are an asset to Lake Charles Electric, expanding the types of services that can be offered to clients. When companies use Lake Charles Mechanical as their general contractor, they also get the resources of Lake Charles Electric.

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Why Hire An Experienced General Contracting Company?

Lake Charles Mechanical and general contracting safety are synonymous for this Louisiana contractor.

Whether it is plant maintenance or new construction, Lake Charles Mechanical has one of the best safety records of any general contractor in the Southwest Louisiana area. It is one of the aspects of our business of which we are most proud, and one of the aspects that we strive hard to achieve and surpass. We are committed to the goal of delivering an accident-free workplace to our employees and our clients. Our record for safety whether plant maintenance or new construction speaks for itself.

What Industrial and Commercial General Contracting Services Can We Help With?


New Construction

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Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Ensure that your electrical maintenance contractor is duly licensed by all the authorities involved. Lake Charles Electric is licensed by the state and is a member of the National Electrical Contractors Association. Lake Charles Electric adheres strictly to the National Electrical Code standards which ensure the highest professional and safety standards.

Our Staff

Lake Charles Electric's average employment is in the 100 - 110 range. Our National Electrical Code (NEC) trained, qualified staff can complete multiple electrical or mechanical tasks on time, while providing excellent customer service. This company is a union shop, whose contract with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers provides access to a large workforce of trained, skilled journeyman, wiremen and apprentices.
We are also proud of the safety record that we are able to achieve with the help of our staff. We continue to have an excellent record. Our National Electrical Code (NEC) experienced, and professional staff, are committed to doing the best work in the safest way possible.

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